You are the magic you seek. 

There is a city hidden in plain sight. Around every corner, a different story.
Our Members are magnificent individuals and friends who share a collective passion to explore the unknown, embrace the absurd, and engage with the world. When we join together, there is nothing we are unable to realize.  Explore with us.

Think of Invisible City as a magic potion that reveals new layers within your world. Our membership program is a way for us to collectively pool our resources in order to concoct a series of unique experiences. Our app does more than help you organize your social life- it opens portals to fascinating new encounters in nooks and crannies you never knew existed. Your contribution goes directly to supporting the artists, musicians, bartenders, chefs, galleries, venues and creatives that make our city special. The larger the community, the more we can achieve together. 

Let us create a city from our wildest imagination, and through shared experience, will it into existence. 
-Italo Calvino

The following types of experiences await our Members.





The most creative, immersive, and engaging experiences imaginable. Think themed masquerade balls, secret DJ sets, disco brunches, all night bacchanals, and experimental supper clubs-these are the ones you don’t want to miss.

Recurring Experiences

How we keep the magic flowing on a weekly basis. Think artist activations, wellness days, movie screenings, creative co-working spaces, engaging happy hours, circus classes, and more. Get to know the creative characters that make up our community.


Inspiring collaborations with select partners. With your Key to the City, you will have unique access to all of the hidden gems  that make our city special. Present your key, and be given free libations, signature dishes, private tours, and beyond.

Membership includes:

  • Personalized Key to the City that unlocks activations and secret rooms around town.
  • Complimentary weekly access to Recurring and Partner Experiences.
  • Heavily discounted tickets and early access to our Signature Experiences.
  • Libations and culinary creations at select activations and locations in Colorado.
  • Access to an international community of amazing individuals.

Contributions are $50 per month for Founding Members. This contribution gives you access to all of the above experiences and activations, with a $50 initial contribution to cover the cost of your Key to the City. If you misplace your custom made skeleton key, there is a $50 charge for a replacement.

Past Experiences:

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