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Gaga – Open Adult Dance Class Vol.03

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December 19, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Class will orient around how movement feels, rather than how it looks. There are no mirrors, and participants are guided to connect their movements to their sensations (flesh, skin, bones, temperature, sight, etc. ) while amplifying the quality, range, dynamic, and texture of their movements. We move together, continuously for the whole session without pauses based on overlapping instructions.

Injuries or limitations are welcome, as long as you listen to your body before telling it what to do. The only pain we want is the burning sensation in our muscles. We will sweat, dance, connect effort to pleasure, and get in touch with our silliness.

The most important Gaga tool for me personally is the awareness of moving towards pleasure and joy with lightness, and intentionally away from pain and heaviness. Ages 16+ welcome.

To learn more about Cassidy & Gaga, visit…
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Cassidy Moves
Colorado native, Cassidy started her dance journey drenched in ballet, studying with the Miami City Ballet School when she was only a High School student. After some years, Cassidy graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Dance and danced her way with the Second Avenue Dance Company in the East Village, NYC, and later in Brooklyn — performing at venues like Roulette and Triskelion Arts. In NYC, Cassidy freelance danced with Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener (both Merce Cunningham Dancers), and Netta Yerushalmy (Guggenheim Fellow), and furthered her education through international workshops and company immersions. In 2019 Cassidy was invited by Ohad Naharin to participate in the Gaga teacher training program. Cassidy was selected as one of a small group of dance artists around the world for this specialized training. She considers Gaga to be her primary movement practice, and is committed to exploring this research, receiving recurring personal instruction from Ohad. Cassidy teaches weekly Saturday Gaga classes open to the public, and was a guest lecturer at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in 2022 and 2023. She has collaborated with The Lab on Santa Fe, and Habitat Gallery using the SKYLIGHT Event Center for First Friday Art Walk events and collaborative work-in-progress artist centric events — she loves dancing in unlikely spaces and performing at events that are multi-medium. 

Bloom Room

Bloom Room is a functional wellness and herbal libations pop-up where the art of botanical alchemy is combined with social connection. Our purpose is to awaken the senses, elevate your mood, and redefine the way you connect with yourself and others through our beverage, tea, and smoke blends.

Our liquid and herbal blends are meticulously crafted with adaptogens and herbs to offer four distinct energies: Passion, Boost, Bliss, and Ease. At each experience we offer elixirs, drops, lights, and steeps. Elixirs are equivalent to taller beverages, drops are concentrated versions of Elixirs in shot form, lights are herbal smoke blends, and steeps are tea blends. Our products are crafted and shared with the intention of connection and expansion.

Bloom Room offers a journey in a glass: a moment of intentional self-discovery, sensual expansion, and a celebration of the diverse energies that make life truly extraordinary. At Bloom Room we encourage you to practice blooming from wherever you are; the act of drinking or smoking with intention behind every sip and hit. Keep an eye out for where you can find Bloom Room, so you can bloom too!