Lover of Automobiles, Purveyor of Custom Signage

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Willis A. Wood Jr
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My day to day to running a custom signage company called RiNo Sign Works. . But my passion is automobiles. I love to collect, race, and work on cars. My jam is 80/90's European street cars and vintage race cars.

Willis graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2005 with a major in business management and a minor in Entrepreneurship. This gave him the knowledge to jump right into the business world—his first career stop was Los Angeles doing sales for a trade show exhibit company. After mastering the industry from the reseller point of view, Willis had the opportunity to go work for one of the leading trade show exhibit manufacturers where he excelled at sales and found he had a knack for management. At only 24 years old, he managed his own team of 3 employees meeting and exceeding the goals set by the company.

In 2007, he took the opportunity to return to Denver, his hometown, to start his own trade show exhibit design and production company called Trade Show Emporium. He partnered with a local website design company, Unleaded Software, handing all the referrals for trade show booths, delivering a better product and more options to shared customers. Willis grew his customer portfolio through an aggressive online presence and tireless marketing. Fast forward to 2013. Trade Show Emporium was getting requests for window decals and signage. It didn’t take Willis long to realize that the extraordinary development occurring on Colorado’s Front Range was ripe for signage. That motivated him to start RiNo Sign Works in 2013 with his business partner Brian Dudzinski. Brian is a highly talented industrial designer and handles all of the fabrication and production. Willis is responsible for business management and lead generation. When Willis is not in his office, you can usually find him racing his Formula Vee race car, playing with his dog Jackson, or ripping down the mountain on his mountain bike.


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