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Our mission is to assist modern society with the healthy integration of intentional psychedelic practices for both healing and personal improvement via psychedelic education, preparation, facilitated psychedelic sessions, integration support and related services and events.

We go beyond psychedelic assisted therapy into the realm of psychedelics as a practice (PaaP) - a framework we've developed encompassing many modalities of psychedelic practice to support a wide range of intentions, from healing trauma, depression and anxiety to personal and spiritual development.
It is truly our life's honor to facilitate these experiences and help others implement intentional psychedelic practices of their own. Get in touch to book a session, reserve your spot in a scheduled ceremony or community gathering, be informed of events, or just to ask some questions.

Invisible City members receive a 15% discount applicable to private sessions and group ceremonies.

All psychedelic sessions, ceremonies, and events are Colorado Prop122 and SB 23-290 compliant.

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