Invisible City is a collective of the curious. Check out some of the characters that make up our team below. 
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Amber Blais


Amber’s second home is within the walls of Invisible City. This fantastical place has fostered her creativity and ignited her soul. With over 15 years of marketing, event planning and graphic design experience, she is thrilled to be able to make magic as part of the curators at Invisible City.

In her free time, Amber is the Producing Director for Rainbow Militia and is working to create an immersive production fueled by circus, live music and interactive sets. Her dreams of one day growing wings and learning how to fly are well on their way as she has been practicing the aerial arts for a over 7 years, with fabric as her favorite apparatus. She has performed all over the front range but thrives when she is able to perform with live musicians. One of her favorite collaborations was with Chimney Choir at the Levitt Pavilion in a space themed circus extravaganza.

In addition to her love of circus, she is also the Co-Curator of Raconteur Denver which was voted Denver Westword’s Best New Storytelling Event.

andi todaro

Maker of Magical creations

Andi Todaro is a versatile, multi-disciplinary, craftsman and award-winning creative professional, best known for their broad scale and range of practical and impractical knowledge and eccentric dress. Todaro pursues an ever-evolving skill set, fueled by perpetual desire for self-astonishment, be it mastery of a new computer program, mechanical know-how, scale, or experimental process.

Todaro’s unique aptitude for absorbing, processing and implementing new knowledge is the eddy in which deep emotional expression and the inherent compulsion to be productive takes root. Digesting chaos through a dream and metaphysical practice allows for a unique style of integration and deeper understanding of multiple interests in commercial art design, science, geometry, philosophy, astrology, mathematics, game theory, aesthetics, semiotics, social science and linguistics.

Todaro does 3 crosswords a day, and plays lots of video games.

Bailey Harper

Keeper of the Keys

Bailey is an artist, traveler, and collector of experiences; being an artist in residence at Invisible City is definitely one of those great experiences. While her favorite job here might be watering the plants she also cares for all the other subtleties of the house, helping it to feel clean and ready for whatever might come its way. In addition to her role at Invisible City, Bailey is a professional dancer. With ten years of dancing with professional companies under her belt, she is currently a freelance dancer in the Denver/ Boulder area. With a recent focus in interactive arts. Bailey is now Associate Director, Marketing Director and performer with Control Group Productions. She is also in continued collaboration with musician Nicholas Caputo for their project Other Rooms. This project is a part of her dream to bring dance/art into unusual places and shake the observer out of the everyday grind. Keep your eyes peeled for everywhere is an Other Room. 

danny newman

Wizard behind the curtain

At a young age, Danny was walking with his parents down crime alley when a shocking twist of fate happened. He decided to become a start up startup mogul in Denver with two missions in mind, to be rad and help preserve the weird of Denver. 

Since returning from a 5 year stint traveling the world, Danny has found time to help preserve multiple spaces in Denver, start a few digital companies, and help become a myth at Invisible City. It has been noted that neither Batman nor Danny has ever been seen in the same room.  

For now, he will remain an enigma wrapped in a dad joke wrapped in bacon (because everything is better with bacon)

Edwin Sandoval


Honduras-born and Colorado-raised, chef Sandoval has spent the last 13 years moving through the ranks of professional kitchens. As a teen he started out as a humble commis in the westside of Colorado Springs, working his way up in brigades ranging from restaurants to 4 diamond rated country clubs. 

In 2012 armed with a culinary arts degree along with over 5 years of cooking experience, chef Sandoval made his move to Denver where he held sous chef positions at Le grand bistro & Oyster bar, Spuntino and Beatrice & Woodsley. At age 23 Sandoval was brought on to open the Argyll whiskey beer as Chef de Cuisine.  He also held the executive chef position at Telegraph bistro before moving to his most recent projects. 

When not busy with private events and organizing pop ups around Denver through his own cooking concept, XATRUCHO, chef Sandoval spends his time increasing his food knowledge by supporting nonprofits increasing local food and teaching cooking classes. Chef enjoys to connect and give back to the Latino community as much as possible. 

James Lopez


James is not your everyday marketer. He has a diverse background running everything from radio stations to large scale non-profits. 

His passion though, lies in perfecting his skills of sleight of hand and storytelling. As a magician, James spends most of his nights carousing around Denver being invited to swallow needles, host cabaret shows, telling stories and generally helping keep audiences entertained. He found his family at Invisible City through happenstance and coincidence attending events and occasionally performing until he was invited to perform with Rainbow Militia and become one of the go-to entertainers for Invisible City signature events. 

Jeff jones


Once likened to that of wasabi, Jeff Jones packs an unassuming punch.  As a photographer and creative, Jeff builds captivating visual stories and brands by capturing images that inspire awe and evoke the emotions of the present moment, making us feel in touch with something greater than ourselves. His superpower is capturing the essence of characters that show up for a good time, helping people feel comfortable to peel back the layers of mystery and disguise and show their true beauty.  

Beyond photography, Jeff believes that a healthy sense of adventure adds value to all aspects of life.  Whether climbing, hiking, traveling, dancing, or socializing, you’ll usually find him wearing an awe-filled smile…and most likely a costume.  

Kate Wilkonson

Curator of the Curious

They say the happiest people have the most community. Though not sure who “they” are, Kate agrees with this in it’s entirety. A Denver native and classically-trained jewelry designer by trade, she focuses on custom pieces, ones with story and soul inside them. Though tremendous passion lies there, it’s a solitary life and by itself doesn’t complete Kate’s passion for connection and building community. She’s a traveler and a creative with a wild spirit. Finding the connections, the conversations, and the patterns in living makes her feel most alive. She’s excited to help you tell your stories, and of course, for all of us to make new ones.

miranda cummings


As someone who promises she got “way cooler when she moved to Denver” Miranda has been a constant explorer of nightlife and avant-garde events in and around town. From an early age, Miranda has been a voyeur and explorer of the innovative and fun. 

 In her most recent adventures, Miranda has helped curate events for Westword, Bio365, helping events that highlight tacos, snacks, and all things that make life good. Invisible City and Miranda found each other through a shared fondness for creating immersive and engaging events for all types of people. 

Nicholas Caputo

Head Henchman

Nicholas is a musician and performing artist originally reigning from the swamps of Florida now currently residing within the walls of Invisible City. Wielding an accordion he has wandered through the cities of distant lands, enchanting all of those he encounters. An expedition west brought him to become the minstrel of Invisible City, casting song spells upon the house at night, whispering to the ghosts of caretakers passed, and caring for what lies in the shadows. As part of his focus beyond performance while in residence at Invisible City, Nicholas tends to the A/V needs of our collaborators, constantly untangles wires, and facilitates in the creation of experiences that are moving, engaging, and intentional. 

Paul Laurie

Collector and HEAD Curator of Experience

Paul’s travels over the past twenty years have taken him to over 80 countries, from the in-the-know hum of trendy Parisian bistros to the vast, pristine landscapes of the Himalayas. He has slept on the floors of temples and worked as a photographer in New York City, shooting movie premiers and backstage at Fashion Week. He counts a collection of antique travel bars among his prized possessions.

Ten years ago, Paul’s desire to share his passion for travel led him to start Walking Tree Travel whose focus is to take high school students on culturally engaging programs worldwide.

Paul is also the moving spirit behind Silver Spork Social, an intimate pop-up supper club borne of his desire to bring people together that share in a sense of adventure.Invisible City is an extension of that vision.

Paul approaches every event with an exquisite eye and boundless creativity, guided by the belief that every moment has the potential to be the best of our lives.

SEan patrick bryce

LIBATION LIASION and Experience Curator

Originally hailing from New York, Sean Patrick Bryce is a connector of community, lover of live performance and a ninja of nightlife. He cut his teeth in the event world over a decade ago in the Bushwick DIY scene as a founding member of Neverlands, an underground loft space serving every corner of the artistic community. He has collaborated with world class performers, visual artists and musicians on his tireless quest to hold space and create experiences that arouse the senses and connect humans to themselves and those around them in a meaningful way.

Jon Medina

Creative wizard and dj to the stars

The work of artist, musician, designer, fabricator, and creative maestro, Jon Medina, fuses the world of digital arts with unique physical structures. His pieces quickly captivate the experiencer by evoking an innate human connection to curiosity and wonder. Simultaneously, Jon applies deeply alluring metamorphic enhancements to every piece through digital and biotic mediums. His technically meticulous style is inspired by a background in digital arts, woodworking, set design, and lighting. His complex and deeply meditative style comes from his studies in yoga and flow arts. Jon’s ethos: to create therapeutic pattern disruption through sensory immersion and complete visual absorption in unexpected and subtle ways.


security and canine Therapist

The humid forests of Alabama once turned in an evening, a priestess was born. Sophie emerged, equal parts red heeler, pit bull, and priestess. Her destiny was clear, she set out in search of her true love, Bailey. From there, a nine year journey that brought them to the steps of Invisible City. The halls are safe late at night as Sophie dispels the haunts and relieves half eaten bites of their floor bound fate. Though affectionate, loving and kind, please don’t feed the priestess. It disturbs her religious practice.

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