Come create with us. 

Below are some of our key collaborators that have worked with us in creating amazing experiences for our members and their communities. This is can take the form of a sponsorship, artist in residence, venue rental, partnership in event design, or non-profits that we support. Contact us if you are interested in ways we might be able to work together to help us, help you, help everyone.


Control Group Productions

Invisible City Collaborating Non-Profit

Control Group events take audiences on wild rides into the unknown, dropping guests into rich environments filled with delicately crafted performance. In these lush worlds, surreal action/imagery/engagement momentarily reconfigures the relationship between imagination and sensory reality, simultaneously transporting us and taking us deeper into ourselves.

Control Group cultivates a community driven by innovation and exploration.

They create opportunities for learning, sharing, personal growth, and career development, for artists from recreational to professional. We bring our work and approaches into underserved communities, cultivating new voices and promoting simple life skills available through artistic practices.

Rainbow Militia

Invisible City Resident Circus

Rainbow Militia is  a performing arts and circus collective working with live music and creating unconventional events across Denver. The core militia of Amber Blais, Elizabeth Smith and Staza Stone is joined by countless members of the circus community, musicians, photographers, videographers and visual artists in pursuit of their mission: to broaden the love of circus and dance through unique and exciting collaborations across the arts.

Xatrucho by Chef sandoval

Invisible City Resident Chef

Xatrucho was created by chef Sandoval with the vision to become one of the premier private cooking concepts in Denver. We focus on curating menus that bring together the essence of classical ,old-school cooking techniques, and blending in Latin flavor profiles.The XATRUCHO mentality behind food is simple: cook with the seasons, source your products consciously, and above all have fun while creating beautiful and delicious food. Our biggest joy comes from  working with as many local farms and small businesses as possible and paying attention to the way we exercise our purchasing power. We work closely with the Latino community to find ways to generate fair-wage  jobs and give the community the tools to grow through food. The XATRUCHO team takes pride in what we allow to come out of our kitchen. Our cuisine is clear –  cook 100% from scratch, taste as you go, and never allow quality and flavor lose out to trends and fads. We make our cuisine accessible by having an eclectic list of partners in the food and beverage industry, partnering with breweries, venues and chefs to create events  that range from exclusive dining experiences to relaxed pop-up events. 


Youth On record

Invisible City Collaboration Non-Profit

At Youth on Record, we believe that all young people, including those who are at-risk and written-off, have the ability to turn their lives around. We are committed to ensuring that the youth we serve graduate from high school and are ready to enter the workforce, and transition to college or enter advanced technical training and careers. Our programs empower 1,000 teens in some of Denver’s most vulnerable communities to make life choices that positively impact their future by teaching them to develop the coping tools, inspiration, and wherewithal to succeed in today’s world and to become leaders of tomorrow.

Project Worthmore

Invisible City Collaborating Non-Profit

Project Worthmore was founded in 2011 by Frank and Carolyn Anello as a response to the acute need for assistance of the refugee families in their community.

From our start offering makeshift English classes in living rooms, we now offer six comprehensive programs to thousands of refugee clients. Around half of our staff are from the refugee community, helping us to better listen, empower and support those who have come here to rebuild their lives. Strategically located off of east Colfax, Project Worthmore is in the heart of the refugee community and therefore easily accessed by our clients. Our team and impact continue to grow as we play a role in supporting people during the worst refugee crisis since World War II.


Invisible City Collaborating Non-Profit

What We Do

The Open Media Foundation (OMF) is an innovative media and technology nonprofit organization dedicated to putting the power of the media in the hands of the people, enabling everyone to engage in their community and bring about the change they wish to see in the world.

How We Do It

We empower nonprofits, governments, and individuals to shift the media conversation (and thus social awareness) from the corporate interests of our commercial media system towards the human interests of an open, diverse, engaged public.
To accomplish our mission, we begin with providing affordable, high-end media and technology services. We follow up by offering training and tools that enable everyone to represent their own voice in the media conversation.

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