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MASSIVEMUSE: A Symphony at Invisible City

DATEStart: January 27, 2018 @ 12:30 pm
End: January 27, 2018 @ 3:30 pm
EVENT TYPEPartner Experiences
LOCATIONInvisible City Headquarters
1545 Julian St
Denver, CO 80204 United States

We’ve gathered 8 of the best musicians in Colorado, including the assistant principle cellist of the Colorado Symphony and the entire Altius Quartet for a performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s monumental Octet, followed by a good long hang, and then we finish the night with a performance of JS Bach’s Chaconne — written for just one violin and often referred to as the greatest piece ever written.

The Massivemuse is happening in West Colfax, on the night of January 27th, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are $20 and drinks will be available for purchase.

The exact location will be revealed to ticket buyers on the day of the concert – as requested by our rather mysterious hosts for the evening, known as Invisible City.

In their own words:

“To stumble into Invisible City would feel like falling back in time. Housed in a building rich with Denver’s history, you may encounter emotions reminiscent of a dream, an era you have a hard time putting your finger on, breath taking and Intimate.

Invisible City is a place, yes. But it’s more than that, within these walls is a growing community. We are explorers, those who refuse to live a life at surface level. We are the curious, the engaged, a group who believes that to create the kind of life you want to live takes effort from within. We believe that the happiest people have the most community and that any moment has the potential to be the best of our lives.

Since it would be unlikely for you to simply stumble in… Let us invite you.”

We love you Denver. Have a great first Massivemuse.



Most of you who know Groupmuse think of it as an endless series of intimate, small scale community gatherings in living rooms around the country wherein friends old and new share the great masterpieces of Western Classical music and the warmth of one another. And you’re right! It is that! Our living room dreams will forever be the beating heart of what we do

However, we’re not just that. Once a town is ready for it, we tie together the strands of our community that we’ve been building living room by living room and bring a crowd of hundreds of ‘musers in as dazzling a venue as we can find to celebrate the scope and size of what we’re building. And we call that celebration a Massivemuse.

Well, to our boundless pride and astonishment, we find that Denver Colorado, one of our newest Groupmuse communities, is already ready for its first Massivemuse, and what a Massivemuse it will be.



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