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August 30 – September 2, 2019
1793 County Road 56
Jefferson Colorado 80456

Please RSVP by August 14, 2019


Come up and join us for a weekend of fun!
  6:00pm-LATE | We will have an open buffet/potluck dinner. If you are able, bring your favorite dish to share! 


9:30am-11:00am | Brunch at the ranch with cereal and fruit available beforehand.  
  12:00pm | The Celebration of Commitment Ceremony will be held at the South Park Community Church in Fairplay
We want to celebrate the commitments we made to each other 10 years ago, as well as the ones we made to each of our children. We also celebrate our commitments to relationships outside of our nuclear family, and to working for what we believe will make a better world. What commitments of your own do you celebrate? This ceremony is not the classic vow renewal, but a celebration of all the beautiful, scary and life changing ways we are all committed to what we love.
  ~1:00pm | Appetizers and light snacks will be available as soon as people are back from the celebration of commitment
| The Big Bash Party will follow the celebration of commitment. Be prepared to have lots of fun! Activities for children and adults will be provided.
We love a great night out, but we have 4 kids who have early bedtimes and aren’t often able to join in the fun. So this is a party for them, and for us too. We asked the folks at Invisible City, who have put on some of the best nights out we’ve ever had, to help us create a party to share with people we enjoy of all ages.
There will be: 
   * Aerialists
   * Crafts for all ages
   * Live music for dancing
   * Bedtime stories around the fire
   * Bubbles!
   * An adventure for all 
  5:00pm | Dinner is served
  7:00pm | Dancing and fun!

Guests who are able to stick around can roam the ranch, ride horses, play on the playground, soak in the hot tub, or just sit and talk or read.
  MORNING | Sunday will start with a lazy morning with a ton of breakfast options and everyone serving themselves
  MIDDAY | Lunch will be a wrap/sandwich bar
  EVENING | Dinner will be vegan chili, bbq ribs with corn on the cob and baked potatoes. 

Monday is departure day, though slow mornings are welcome 🙂
  MORNING | Pancakes for all the brave souls who remain

Please wear comfy mountain clothes. Pack with both sun and evening chills in mind, i.e. sunblock and sun-hats and sweaters (layers are your friend). Bring jeans if you want to ride horses, swimsuits if you want to soak, and something special for the party itself.

  The party clothes can be fancy, fun or both – masks are encouraged!

  You are welcome to camp out at the Ranch. We have some beds available, please contact us ahead of time if you are in need of one. 

Please let us know where you will be staying or if you have any questions on lodging! We can certainly help, but will leave booking the final details up to you.

  If camping is not your thing, you can stay at the hotels in Fairplay or at an airb&b in the valley.

On top of the meals provided, we will have snacks available at all times. This is a down-home affair and fellowship is best around the hearth, cooking, and dishwashing. Feel free to join in if you are able.

Please fill out the RSVP form with any food allergies so that we are able to better prepare for your arrival!

  FOR ADULTS | We will provide lots of non-alcoholic beverages as well as wine and other booze. We are also exited to include some very special “mix-your-own” recipes. Come armed your own creative ideas or favorite drinks.

Mix-your-own recipes will be great for mock-tails, but we will also have plenty of, juice, water, tea, and coffee.

  FOR THE LITTLES | We will have an “on tap” mock-tail for kids at the party and of course will also have plenty of water, milk, and juice.

We are at almost 10,000 feet! Drink mostly water. If you get a headache or feel queasy drink more, then ask to use our oxygen concentrator.

Hiking, hot tub soaking, horseback riding, bird watching, sitting in gorgeous country, card games, board games, pool, croquet, bocce ball, pingpong, horse shoes, playing on the playground, reading and so on. 

FROM DENVER | Get on to highway 285 going south toward Fairplay. Follow it past Conifer, Bailey and Grant. Take the first left after the Kenosha Pass summit, County Road 56 (Lost Park Road). if you get to Jefferson you’ve gone too far. The Columbine Ranch is your first left off of County Road 56.


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.
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